Dr. Allen Menkin – Principle of Medical Ethics

As the co-founder and President of Plaza Family Care, Dr. Allen Menkin believes in using medical ethics in his practice. As a physician, he recognizes his responsibilities to patients above all else, and to society and other professionals in the healthcare industry, as well as, to the self. There are many standards of conduct to live up to, which define the honorable way of behaving for physicians.

The first principle of medical ethics is that a physician will be dedicated to providing competent medical care, with respect and compassion for human rights and dignity. A doctor shall be professional at all times and honest in their interactions. A physician will respect the law and the rights or the patient, colleagues and others in the healthcare field.

Not only that but a physician will also continue to advance their scientific knowledge by studying and applying what they have learned. Menkin is committed to lifelong education in the medical field to provide patients with the best care. A doctor will also participate to better the community and public health where they practice.

Dr. Allen Menkin knows that all people need access to medical care. As such, he started a small pediatric practice, advocated for the use of car seats and seat belts, wellness and nutrition programs, and responded to the trauma of childhood violence. As well as, remain committed to being a full-time physician for almost half a century. He has also been  an emergency medical volunteer internationally, with a strong background in antiterrorism.

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