Dr. Allen Menkin – The Importance of Vaccinations

The topic of vaccines has been a volatile one for a while now, but the scientific truth of the matter is that vaccines are safe, effective and necessary. There are many respected  sources that  explain the truth behind the  buzzwords that anti-vaccination advocates use to generate fear and anxiety. and they can be quite enlightening. Dr. Allen Menkin, a renowned pediatrician from New Jersey, agrees that vaccinations are extremely important, and one of the most undervalued tools for health.

Yes, vaccines work to help boost your immunity to a pathogen by injecting weakened or inactive strains of  it into your body. It sounds a little scary, but it is safe. The amount injected, plus the fact that it is inactive, means you don’t get the disease from the vaccine. Your immune system will learn to fight this pathogen, how to efficiently kill it before an active strain could take over. The pure and simple reason to get yourself and your children vaccinated for different diseases is because it works, helping to prevent diseases that once killed and crippled millions.

What about those that can’t get vaccines because they are allergic? There is something called community or herd immunity. This means that when the majority of people are immune, there is too small of a chance for an outbreak, protecting those who are unable to get, too young for, or are unaffected by vaccines.

Vaccines don’t only keep the one healthy, they help protect the many. Dr Allen Menkin understands this importance and even founded Main Street Vaccines, a physician buying group to help doctors purchase quality vaccines at lower rates to provide them to more people. Take it from him, they are deeply important. If you don’t believe us, feel free to do your own research at sites like http://www.vaccines.gov or other government or scholarly sources.

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